Thank you for your interest in my upcoming online courses! Online programs allow me to help even more people experience the immense benefits of a holistic approach to better health and well being.

From the comfort of your own home, in your own time, choose an online program that suits your needs. If you have any questions or in case you’d like more information please email me – I’m happy to help!


REBOOT in 5  – Transform your Health & Well being in 5 weeks

Whether you are suffering from illness, low energy, bloating and other digestive issues, fluctuating weight, not feeling well in general – allow your system a break and give your body the change to reboot, loose a few pounds and rejuvenate in just 5 weeks!

Doesn’t that sound great!

Give yourself the gift of feeling your good old self again for just € 55.

Get inspiring, easy-peasy, family-suitable and nutrient dense recipes every week

  • enjoy my short videos talking you through every week ahead

  • feel empowered by the knowledge you will gain every week, including topics such as digestion, blood sugar balance, hormonal balance, improving energy, reducing sugar cravings and more

  • goal tracking tools to help you stay on track and embrace the journey

  • you will never feel overwhelmed – it’s an easy step-by-step process which you can speed up or slow down

  • you will never feel hungry – enjoy 3 amazing meals a day that will satisfy your body & soul

  • all recipes are either wheat free or gluten free, have dairy and non-dairy options, are low-allergenic and mostly Paleo/low carb

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    Just € 55 for 5 weeks of support and feeling great