Nutritional Therapy is not just a diet, it is a method designed specifically to facilitate your healing. It is relevant for young and old, and it’s about YOU! A holistic approach helps to see beyond the health problem in order to structure a tailored plan to help you achieve your goals.

It is not about eating a restricted diet, it is about finding foods that you enjoy and tolerate, providing practical advice and giving ongoing support to help you make changes that will promote healing and well being.

Nutritional Therapy looks at your personal environment, combined with your personal genetic make-up and history to see how they are affecting your health.

By applying the patient-centered approach used in Functional Medicine (FM) I seek to identify and address the root causes of ill health and disease. In FM, we also understand the role of emotions and stress on physiology and so emphasis is placed on treating the ‘whole’ person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

While many people may have the same ‘diagnosis’, they will more likely have a different combination of triggers or drivers underlying it. Functional Medicine helps to isolate what those root causes may be, and then primarily uses targeted lifestyle modifications to help reduce or remove them. This is how I have been working with hundreds of clients since I started my nutrition practice.